Israeli Artist, Omer Ephron, Chosen to Exhibit Her Work Series “Eyes” at Upcoming Festival in NYC

May 12, 2018


     Award winning and internationally critically acclaimed artist Omer Ephron announced today that her new performance art series, “Eyes”, will be hosted in New York City by the Mellow Yellow located in Manhattan with future performances occurring in Los Angeles, Israel and Greece.


     Omer Ephron is an international dancer and choreographer who is known for her unique and controversial choreography and avant-garde performance pieces.


      “An inconsolable Omer Ephron wavers under a fuzzy spotlight, darkness smudging the hollows of her body, like she’s been sketched in charcoal. She wails a monologue, the words indecipherable to my ear, yet her anguish is palpable, affecting, primordial”                                                                                                     

                                                                                                            - The Dance Enthusiast


       Ephron’s series “Eyes” (which will be overlooked by director Gloria Bess) was chosen through an art contest conducted in February by Mellow Yellow. The series's mission is to expose various communities merging from different social classes, genders, and nationalities and getting them accustomed to the idea of listening through movement, not necessarily in the professional form as an art but as a tool of communication.


      Ephron's series includes collaboration from professional psychotherapists, translators, dancers, choreographers, chefs and visual artists. This allows for versatile growth through the conjunction of many different perspectives. “Movement allows us to find and enjoy patience triggering the mind of what is yet to come,” she says. Omer has the urge to share insights from her art that affect our daily lives. Her approach creates a calm and promotes a peaceful future for the following generations. Her mission is to facilitate communications between nationalities in conflict, particularly Israeli and Palestinian relations. She fights beliefs that restrict self-expression of gender. The union of all different specialties to showcase the project helps nurture and ease younger audiences to the series as well.


      Mellow Yellow is the perfect home for the “Eyes” series with its ample and engaging space. It facilitates exposure to local communities, allowing them to feel comfortable around performance art and understand it beyond its competitive form.

It's only in New York that workshops like this can be established to create a universal

platform. To focus on artistic growth based off the values of empathy and interhuman communication.


      Omer Ephron is based in New York as a company member of the multidisciplinary

Leimay Company and has showcased her abilities at top venues such as

Bam Fisher, the Salvatore Capezio Theater in NY, and Caeseria Amphitheater in Israel.


      Rehearsal for Eyes begins August 2018 with it's first performance set for June 1st, 2019. For inquiries and info, email omerephron@gmail.com





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